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Nikon Announces New Super Telephoto and Wide-Angle Zoom Lenses

Nikon has just announced two new models they've added to their expansive line-up of NIKKOR lenses: a super-telephoto 800mm f/5.6 and a wide-angle zoom 18-35mm f/3.5-4.5. These lenses incorporate advanced optical constructions, including aspherical and extra-low dispersion elements.

From Snapshots to Photography

In this video, Jim Dicecco describes a wide range of lenses and their suitable applications across a variety of photographic situations. Covering lenses from wide angle to super telephoto, zoom and fixed focus, he points out the benefits of each type of lens and its ideal uses.

Tamron Introduces New Zoom and Prime Lenses

Tamron has recently introduced a pair of new lenses, both of which are telephoto length and offer wide maximum apertures, Vibration Compensation (VC) and an Ultrasonic Silent Drive (USD) focusing motor. These lenses are improvements over past versions due to the incorporation of new technologies that enable sharper, cleaner imagery.

Holiday 2012: Great Design Awards

Announcing the Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/4G ED VR

Nikon has just announced the new AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/4 ED VR telephoto zoom lens for their Nikon F bayonet mount. This lens is compatible with both FX and DX formats, but provides an equivalent 105-300mm focal length when used with DX sensors.

Holiday 2012: Fast Glass

The number of fast, wide aperture prime optics we carry at B&H has grown over the past year, and in a market that has become increasingly populated by slower, variable-aperture zooms, this is encouraging news.

Holiday 2012: New Lenses

As camera technology continues to progress, lenses also continue to evolve. With improved sensor technology and greater resolution cameras, a lens's main progression is to keep up with the amount of data and image quality that can be resolved by an image sensor and processor.

Holiday 2012: M-Mount and M42 Lenses on Mirrorless Cameras

Sometimes technology gets in the way of quality. The convenience of features such as autofocus and optical image stabilization are hard to dispute, but some of the best glass in the world can be found in manual focus lenses that contain no electronics whatsoever. Such is the case with M-mount and M42-mount lenses made by Leica, Zeiss and Voigtlander.

Holiday 2012: Telephoto and Supertelephoto Lenses

Say the word “telephoto” and many photographers automatically think “Oh, telephotos bring things closer.” Now while this is true—particularly in the mind’s eye of newbies—the imaging abilities of telephoto lenses go well beyond “bringing things closer,” especially when you start shooting with progressively longer optics.

New from Pentax: K-5 II DSLR and Q10 Digital Cameras, Four Lenses and an Adapter

The new 16.3-megapixel Pentax K-5 II DSLR camera will replace the current Pentax K-5 in Pentax’s DSLR lineup. It features a 16.3-megapixel CMOS image sensor with integrated AD conversion circuitry, which works with Pentax’s PRIME II Imaging Engine to deliver high-resolution, rich-gradation digital images.


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