Tom Bol

Shooting at High Noon

 In a perfect world, we would always shoot with perfect light at the right time of the day.  But reality is different. We often have to shoot in terrible light at the wrong time of day.  What to do? Create your own reality, or in this case, create your own light.

Seek Out Contrast

Every rule or guideline in photography has an exception. A lot of what we like in our images is subjective, although composition and lighting principles give us a common framework to critique our work as well as the work of others. One important aspect of an image is the quality of light.

Bad Weather is Good

Tornado warnings. 60 mile-per-hour winds. Rain. Lightning. Generally, when you hear these weather alerts, the last thing you are thinking about is going out to shoot. But time and again I have learned the hard way, that if you don't give it a try, you may miss a great shot.

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