Nikon Announces P7000, S8100, S80 Point and Shoots

Today, Nikon announced an update to their line of point-and-shoot cameras, including the P7000, S8100 and S80. These cameras bring new features and life to the line, with the P7000 featuring wireless flash control. Just in time for Fall, users—from advanced amateurs to tech-savvy fashionistas—will be able to have a new camera to accompany them everywhere.

Hands On: Flo TV Personal Television

Wireless cable. What a concept! As we increasingly take our media with us, access anywhere has become a near birthright. One laggard has been free mobile DTV. Even if that system, still in its infancy, becomes widespread, cable channels like ESPN and Comedy Central aren’t likely to migratte to free TV. That’s why the pay service Flo TV, broadcast in 112 cities around the country, may appeal to certain types of viewers.

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