toy cameras


As a photographer, it’s easy to get caught up in the quality of your gear. Are you outfitted with a high resolution, full-frame sensor? At what f-stop does the MTF curve of your lens peak? Can you record noise-free images at high ISO levels? How many RAW shots can your camera take before the buffer fills?

Going Lomographic

In a world of photo gear that's becoming increasingly smaller, smarter, quicker, sleeker and oh-so-techier, it's kind of refreshing to review a line of cameras that are mechanical, don't require calculators to figure "effective focal lengths," are made out of plastic (and wouldn't be authentic if made of anything other than plastic), have lenses that contain nary a single aspheric surface and are guaranteed to break through the veneer of your grumpiest, stiff-necked relatives. They go under a class of photographica called Lomography cameras, and we've got them in all shapes, colors and sizes. 

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