Quick Photoshop Tip Brought to you by Kelby Training and B&H Photo Video

Color correction is a problem that plagues many photographers. This video from KelbyTraining demonstrates how you can save a severely discolored image in Adobe Photoshop with a couple of simple adjustments—no magic dust required. This is the first of an exciting ongoing series from Kelby Training designed to give viewers a peek at some Photoshop secrets, shortcuts, tips and tricks that can help you to improve your digital images and workflow.

Take a look at the video after hitting the read and discuss button and for more in-depth training please visit They also have full one day seminars at

REDucation Las Vegas - Available to the First 200 People Only!

From April 8th to April 12th at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas, take the opportunity to expand your horizons with the RED camera by joining REDucation. Learn all there is to know about the RED Digital camera in this 5 day hands on intensive education and training workshop.  REDucation is the premeire RED approved and sanctioned event for learning all things RED. Michael Cioni and Steve Freebairn will be instructing with twenty TAs and forty camera packages presenting a massive gathering of RED gear and technology. 

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