How the Non-Accidental Tourist Accessorizes for Trips Abroad

They say you should pack just what you need. The trouble is that often you don't know what that is until you get there, and by then it's too late. So here's some advice on a bunch of travel accessories that you just may find indispensable, especially when embarking on a trip abroad. These accoutrements are designed to make your vacation more comfortable, more secure, or simply more fun.

What's in the Bag? - Interview with Chandler Griffin, Documentary Filmmaker

Chandler Griffin's feet have always been itchy.  From Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East, he's walked around the globe as a documentary filmmaker. His optimistic eyes peer pensively through a thoughtful camera lens.  With human issues at the heart of his unique brand of filmmaking and teaching, he's partnered with UNESCO in Burundi, the Desmond Tutu HIV foundation in South Africa, and FXB in Rwanda.


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