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Introducing MeFOTO Travel Tripod Kits

MeFOTO is a new brand of tripods, designed to be the ideal travel companion while still remaining a fully functional and robust camera-support system. While inherently designed as travel-sized tripods, these tripods incorporate numerous qualities that blur the line between full-size tripods and travel-size tripods.

Hands-On Review: the Sirui PH-20 Gimbal Head

The Sirui PH-20 Gimbal Head features a lightweight, carbon fiber design that provides maximum support and rigidity while allowing for a great deal of maneuverability with little force exerted. This head is ideal for use with long telephoto lenses that are too large or heavy to handhold as it can support loads up to 44 pounds.

Induro Tripods Endure

Tripods, monopods and their accompanying heads provide the support necessary to hold a camera or other optical device in a stable position. This basic principle is easily achievable, however, variances to this simple principle are what set different tripods, monopods and heads apart. 

Benro Camera Supports Offer Flexibility in Choices but Stability by Design

A tripod, in the most simplistic of terms, is a self-contained camera support system. These support systems are often necessary and always helpful for providing a stable place upon which your camera can sit. The main drawback to using a tripod is carrying it; it creates extra weight and takes up more space in your setup.

Jobu Design Pro2 Gimbal Head

The Jobu Design Pro2 gimbal head is the latest flagship of Jobu’s well-regarded Black Widow line of gimbal heads, which are crucial for supporting extremely heavy, long lenses. This Pro2 version is lighter than its predecessor by a couple of ounces, and it’s also quite a bit stiffer and stronger.

Giottos New VGR Tripods Convert to Monopods

Construction aside, one of the key attributes to be taken into consideration when shopping for a tripod is the degree of flexibility the tripod offers when it's used in an environment that is not ideal. 

The Tools and Techniques of Panoramic Photography

There’s something about the shape or aspect ratio of panoramic photographs that always makes you slow down for a closer look. Most of the pictures we view on a regular basis in print or online are invariably horizontal, in 3:2 or 4:3 rectangular aspect ratios, which can be visually digested with a quick pass or two of our eyes.

Manfrotto Professional Tripods and Heads

Featuring lightweight carbon fiber legs, a choice of rapid or geared columns, and a new ground-leveling system, Manfrotto’s MT057 Series tripods have the qualities and features working pros expect and demand from their camera-support systems. Manfrotto MT057 series tripods are available in three-section and four-section models.

Use a Tripod to Boost Image Quality, Composition and Creativity

At, I've seen many photographers improve the overall quality of their work, thanks to the regular use of this valuable accessory: the tripod.

When I started using a tripod consistently for stationary subjects, two awesome things happened: 1)  using a tripod regularly soon became a habit; and better still, 2) my photography improved immediately.

Induro PHQ 5-Way Panheads

For some photographers, any tripod head will do. And while this may hold true for many shooters, others eventually get to a point at which the subject matter they're pursuing—and sometimes where they're pursuing their subjects—starts revealing the limitations of the pan or ball head they've been using until that time. If this rings familiar, you might want to look into Induro's PHQ-series 5-Way Panheads.


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