When Is Pass-Through Ability Useful?

Sometimes you want the signal from a source component to travel through an intermediary component without alteration. Thus, when a home theater or handheld electronics product is described as having pass-through capability, it means that the audio or video can exit exactly as it entered.

Selecting and Setting Up a TV Antenna

Though most viewers have never attached an antenna to a TV, they’ve also never experienced the novelty of free TV. Cable and satellite services are laden with monthly fees, but an antenna is a one-time purchase.

Unique Home Theater Furniture

Beyond perching your new TV on a wood-grain or metal/glass tabletop or bolting it to a plate in the wall, you can set up your home theater in a number of novel ways.

Ten Space-Saving Tips for the Digital Home Dweller

Whether you’re moving into a smaller abode or simply want to make more efficient use of existing rooms, there are at least 10 things you can do to free up space. By digitizing the piles of physical media in your home and relocating or replacing some equipment, you stand to become the big-time beneficiary of an analog-to-digital makeover!

Streaming Goes Art-House Chic

Back when the laserdisc was the premium home-video format, the Criterion Collection was deemed the go-to label for highest-quality transfers of art house movies. On February 15, 150 Criterion films were released online through Hulu Plus, the $7.99 per month subscription service. Later in the year, the number of titles is expected to grow to 800. 

Caring for and Cleaning Your Electronics

Cleaning resolutions spring eternal, but when it comes to protecting the investment in your flat-panel TV and other components, you’d be wise to follow through with a little preventive maintenance.

The Boxee Box by D-Link Now Streams Netflix

If you’re looking to get instant streaming of movies and TV shows from Netflix on your TV set, there’s now another option: the D-Link Boxee Box Digital Media Player. Current Boxee owners need to manually update their box or wait for an automatic update in order to access Netflix streaming media.

Attaching a TV Stand

Due to the girth of tube televisions, every set stood on its own accord without assistance. (An assistant was required when you had to lift it.) But today’s flat-panel TVs aren’t as proud. They either need to be anchored to an included stand or optionally mounted on the wall. Some flat-panel TVs ship with the stand attached, and it’s up to you to remove it if you decide to make the TV wall mountable.

How to Make Home Entertainment More Accessible for the Elderly

Eyesight and hearing can deteriorate as people age, yet watching TV and reading are activities that never grow old. If you assist parents or grandparents with technology in their homes, you can help them choose appropriate products, then follow up by adjusting the equipment for optimal usability.

Be Sure Your TV Is Set Up for High Definition

Too many viewers bring home a gorgeous HDTV set, yet never watch a show in high definition. The set is either hooked up using the wrong inputs, or the program itself is from an inferior source.


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