New Sony HDR-GW77V Handycam Loves Adventure

Summer’s just about here, and you’ll soon be ramping up your travel and outdoor activities. If you’re looking for a camcorder or still camera that’s easy to travel with, and one that doesn’t mind going wherever you do, consider Sony’s new HDR-GW77V Handycam.

Liquid Image Video Goggles Are Ready When You Are

Anyone looking for a camera that can keep up with skiing, snowboarding, dirt biking, mountain biking or diving should check out the Liquid Image goggles with integrated 1080p HD video camera. 

Swimming with Sharks

The first question non-divers usually ask is, “Have you ever seen a shark?” If you answer yes, they want to know if you were scared. Well, for most divers, seeing this majestic animal is a thrill. To be able to see dozens at one time is an experience most divers dream of. One does not have to travel far to realize this dream. In the Bahamas, on New Providence Island in the city of Nassau, you can swim with dozens of gray reef sharks. Nassau is less than a three-hour flight from New York City. The island is merely 178 miles from Miami, Florida. Nassau is known for sandy white beaches, calm blue water, casinos, resorts and gift shops. There is enough to do to keep any tourist happy. Vacationers come to this island by cruise ship, airplane and private boat, to relax and party. But if you want adventure, you should venture beneath the Bahamian waters to see the numerous reefs, walls and shipwrecks teeming with marine life.

New Pentax Optio WG-2 Rugged Digital Camera

With their distinctive bowtie-like body styling, the newly-announced Pentax Optio WG-2 and WG-2 GPS bear an uncanny resemblance to their rugged Optio ancestors. Although the new cameras—13th-generation models according to the Pentax press release—strongly resemble their forebears, they contain enough internal and external improvements to warrant the title "new."

The Japanese Shipwrecks of Truk Lagoon

People go scuba diving for many reasons. Some divers are interested in the natural beauty of coral reefs, and the animals that call this environment home. Wreck divers are interested in man-made objects that have ended up underwater by disaster. Ships and airplanes sink because of bad maintenance, fire, weather, collisions and war. Once sunk, the wreck becomes a time capsule. When diving to explore wrecks, the experience is enhanced if you know its history. When swimming through one of these underwater museums, one can't help but imagine what happened during the sinking. If your objective is to create images, knowing the wrecks history will help.

Underwater Flash

There are many accessories that are helpful or necessary for taking photos underwater. Buying an underwater housing is just the beginning. An external flash is your most important accessory. 

Sports Action Cam Roundup

Sports-action cameras are hugely popular, as they allow professional and amateur athletes to capture their activities in high-resolution stills and high-definition video. Friends and family can’t deny your fanciful claims when you have stills and video to back them up.

Tough and Rugged Point-and-Shoot Cameras

When you read the selling points of professional-grade cameras such as Canon’s 1D series and Nikon’s D3 series, the manufacturers make a point of discussing the heavy-duty construction and exhaustive measures of weatherproofing that go into their respective cameras.

New GoPro HD HERO2 is Ready to Go

A sports-action cam is useless if it’s not as hearty as you are. In order to capture breathtaking footage in any environment, you need a camera that’s up to the task of going wherever you go, regardless of whether it’s a cold summit, a hot, dusty desert, raging river rapids or underwater. And, you need a camera that can shoot high-definition video and still images.

New Kodak Playfull Fears No Water

Big feature-filled video cameras with fancy lenses are great, especially for professionals who need to capture broadcast-quality video. But let’s face it: most of us don’t want to carry around anything that’s too big or heavy, especially if you’re the active, sporting type.


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