used department

Buying or Selling Used Gear?

To get to the Camera Department at the B&H SuperStore in midtown Manhattan you have to take the stairs or escalator up to the second floor. What greets you at the top of the steps is a wall-to-wall array of photo gear. Across the tops of the wraparound display cases are the signature signage of Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Pentax, Sony, Leica, Panasonic, and others. But wait (a voice in your head says)... his is only the Used Department. The new cameras are located around the bend in a humongous area about 6 times larger. Welcome to B&H, the largest camera store on the planet.

Precious Finds from the B&H Used Department

The Used Department at B&H Photo's NYC Superstore is larger than most camera stores, and much of the used gear we have in stock isn't even on display. We have what must be the most eclectic assortment of used classics, limited edition, and special purpose cameras you're likely to find in one location. But since many of our best, long-time customers live too far to ever stop by and say 'Hi', we thought we'd write about some of the more interesting items we had on hand at the time of this writing.

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