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I’ve always been a fan of the TV program The Twilight Zone. In the mid ‘80s, when I was furiously taping every movie I liked even just a little bit, The Twilight Zone was broadcast two and sometimes three times a night, so I taped those episodes, too. Did you know that there were 156 episodes of that program? And did you know that one season consisted of hour-long episodes? Most people don’t know that, but I do, because I taped almost every one of them—I’m missing maybe four episodes. Unfortunately, those old tapes are pretty much unwatchable today.


VHS to DVD Transfer, Quick and Easy

I have my own plot of land at B&H's cube farm. Sitting, thinking, and writing is fun, but it's always awesome to change things up a bit and take a field trip to the B&H SuperStore. The SuperStore has grown a lot. Like a child in a toy store, I'm mezmerized by the overhead conveyor belts and displays of shiny new whack-a-doodles. I stop where the VCRs and DVDs grow.

Graham our friendly salesman greets me with a smile, "Can I help you?" "I'm looking for an easy solution under $200.00 to transfer VHS to DVD. What do you suggest?" After plowing through a few new options, we both decide that the Sony RDR-VX560 DVD/VCR combo is our best option.

VX560 DVD/VCR Combo
VX560 DVD/VCR Combo

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