Video camera

My First Video Camera

Long before I was a pro audio specialist, I was a hopeless video nerd. After my sophomore year of high school, the band I was in broke up when our drummer moved away to attend college out of state. Making music just wasn't the same without that specific drummer's rhythms, so I turned my creative ambitions to video production, and became obsessed with buying the RCA Pro Edit VHS camcorder.

Keep it Clean: Porta Brace BodyArmor

When I buy a brand-new camera, I tend to treat it like my baby. I’ll coddle it, wipe it down when a fleck of dust lands on it, and I’ll handle it as gently as I would a vial of nitroglycerin. After a few weeks, though, I’ll ease up a bit, but I’ll never feel completely comfortable diving into the dirt with my expensive gear while chasing the perfect shot.

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