New Toys, Old Strategies

Like most photographers, I have a love-hate relationship with the tools I use. I am as captivated as the next photographer by the promise of the newest cameras, yet I am loath to give up old strategies that have served me so well. As a photographer, I depend on my cameras to make the pictures I want to make. As a professional, I depend on that same gear to earn my living.

Marshall Budget HDMI Monitors Help You See Clearly

Marshall, one of the most well-known and respected names in field monitors, has released an afforable line of budget monitors priced to be within the reach of just about any videographer or video hobbyist. The consumer/prosumer videographer now has a more affordable monitoring solution from Marshall, with its M-LCD7-HDMI line of consumer camera-top field monitors.

What Is Sharpness?

Here’s a diptych of  two faces. It's called “Angry Man/Neutral Woman,” and was created and copyrighted by Aude Oliva of M.I.T and Philippe G. Schyns of the University of Glasgow, in 1997. It is used here with permission.

Clean, Comfy Shooting: Blue Star Eyecushions for Video

It was a couple of hours into a day-long shoot. It was hot out, and to say that we were sweating would be putting it lightly. Being a pretty barebones shoot, we were passing the video camera around quite a bit. Many a sweaty eyeball was pressed up against that poor viewfinder. As I strained to look through the slippery sweat-covered eyecup, it occurred to me that this might not be all that sanitary.

There is no such thing as "minimum illumination"

Back in the days of analog color video production, many manufacturers said their equipment complied with the RS-170A or EIA-170A standard.  Unfortunately, there was never any such standard.

Still, there was general agreement on what that standard would have said had it ever existed.  There is no such agreement about “minimum illumination,” whether it’s in footcandles (fc) or lux (lx).

NAB 2010 Roundup

Every April, those involved in professional audio/video recording from broadcasters to event videographers converge onto Las Vegas to check out what hot new product will best improve their productions. A candy store for film and video professionals, NAB is the first place for the industry to decide what to purchase and what new technology is on the cutting edge. This year NAB seemed to focus on 3D television and improved support for DSLR camera's with HD video capabilities.

First Look at Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended

My background in filmmaking and animating keeps my focus on any editing and animation tools that become available. I've used Photoshop over the years to design textures for 3D objects or basic photo touchups required for the final video project. And although I have a collection of decent SLR cameras, still photography is more of a hobby for me, so I've limited my use with Photoshop to the video/animating worlds. Thus when Photoshop CS4 Extended came out a couple of years ago, I was already familiar with the basic animating tools included that may have eluded the amateur or pro photographer.

The Video Tripod: What to Know Before You Buy

 Whether you’re an indie filmmaker, field reporter, or wedding videographer, a pro-grade video tripod will enhance your productions more than any other type of support accessory. By adding stability, forcing perspective through composition, and providing smooth pan and tilt movement, a good tripod + head can be just as integral to your production as the camera. So how do you choose the combination that’s right for you? Read on.

Rummage Sale of Dreams

 In this tight economy buying new video equipment is painful to contemplate, but if need – or longing – dictates, the pain can be eased with a trip to the B&H Used Department . 

The Tallest, Strongest Tripod for Under $100

The industry's tallest, strongest tripods are usually made of carbon fiber, assembled in Europe, and cost tons of money. Buyers are typically well-funded professionals or hobbyists with a lot of disposable income. While a pro set of $900+ sticks might not be in the cards for everyone, serious photographers and video makers would do well to consider the budget-friendly Slik Pro 700DX.


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