Staking Their Claim

For anyone who's bought--or considered buying--a video camera in the last couple years, these are certainly interesting times. That's especially true in the consumer camcorder world, where tape has gone the way of the Tyrannosaurus, taking evolutionary wing into a cloud of 1's and 0's. Whether recording to hard drives or memory cards--and whether or not you're ready for it--solid state recording is the method of choice.

Tricking Out your DSLR for Video

Nikon D90Intruders have entered the world of video. They're small, they're stealthy,  and they offer the biggest bang for the buck since the Alaska Purchase. We're talking, of course, about digital SLRs—specifically those that shoot high-definition, progressive video. These hybrid interlopers, called VSLRs (or HDSLRs), are wielding their swollen sensors and 35mm optics like digital clubs over the heads of prosumer video enthusiasts. Each new model seems to pry another finger loose from the once-secure grip of affordable HD camcorders.

Getting Started in Post Production

You've captured the moment on video, now what? You connect the camcorder into a TV and playback the unedited footage. Your family and friends eyes start to glaze over as every shaky frame, every obscure angle and every poorly lit scene comes out in its true, unaltered, raw form. You begin to witness scenes when the record button was unknowingly turned on; the harsh shadows because you shot directly into a light source; and the bad audio. The problems are endless and your captured audience wants to politely head for the door, feigning sickness or the need to feed the dog. Anything, just don't let me watch the cacophony on the screen.

Video and the Nikon D90 - Changing the Rules?

When aspiring filmmakers watch a Hollywood movie, they don't just see actors, camerawork, editing and effects. They see the dreamy richness of images shot on film. They see a depth of color and space that goes beyond the mantra of "progressive imaging, 24-frames-per-second" so often whispered, siren-like, in their ears.


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