Lumix DMC-GX7: The New Panasonic Mirrorless Micro Four Thirds Digital Camera

Panasonic has announced their latest Micro Four Thirds format interchangeable lens mirrorless camera, the Lumix DMC-GX7. The GX7 is the follow-up model to the popular DMC-GX1, which was released in early 2012. The GX7 arrives with several notable upgrades and adjustments as well as the already strong features that will be familiar to any GX1 user.

Hands-On Review: The Olympus E-P5

Did you ever look at a camera and say, “Wow, this thing can do everything!”? My first impression of the Olympus PEN E-P5 Mirrorless Digital Camera was a bit like that; there are so many functions and customizable options I was concerned that I would get lost in the possibilities.

Clean, Comfy Shooting: Blue Star Eyecushions for Video

It was a couple of hours into a day-long shoot. It was hot out, and to say that we were sweating would be putting it lightly. Being a pretty barebones shoot, we were passing the video camera around quite a bit. Many a sweaty eyeball was pressed up against that poor viewfinder. As I strained to look through the slippery sweat-covered eyecup, it occurred to me that this might not be all that sanitary.

Is Olympus' EV-2 Viewfinder the Missing Link?

When the Olympus EV-2 electronic viewfinder was first announced (along with the Olympus E-P2 Pen Digital camera) I had a feeling they were onto something. After finally getting one to play with I know they’re onto something, and it’s something that I hope other manufacturers start picking up on. With the exception of DSLRs and bridge-style cameras, viewfinders are quickly vanishing as cameras become tinier as LCDs grow conversely larger. And with dot-counts passing the 1-million mark, the resolving power of LCDs is finally making LCD viewing viable and trustworthy for the most discriminating needs, i.e., you can actually focus a lens manually based on the image on the screen and get sharp pictures.

Camcorder Settings and Features You Should Know

You're in the market for a camcorder, but you aren't sure what format to choose from, or which features will be important to you. It's tough to encapsulate the top questions our customers ask when shopping for camcorders, and it is impossible to throw it all together in one article. This primer is for the person looking to either upgrade or purchase a new video camera. We hope it will prepare you with the technical jargon and make your final choice much easier.

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