Grafea Camera Bags: Leather with Vintage Flair

A love of vintage clothing and accessories led Hari, the founder of Grafea, to start her own line of designer bags that have high style and high-quality craftsmanship. Her hope is that these leather bags, which are fantastically beautiful new, will be revisited and cherished in vintage stores 60-70 years in the future.

How to Create Vintage-Inspired Magic

When I first started to do some research for this article, I decided to look up the word "Magic" because that’s how I feel about photography and—for that matter—any other art form. These are the words used to describe Magic: Enchanted, Thrilling, Powerful, Mystery, Supernatural, and Exquisite. If someone were to describe my work, these would certainly be the words I would want them to use. So the question remains: How do you create Magic with your work? How can you design a beautiful portrait of a person, landscape, animal, food etc. that warrants this kind of description? Let’s not forget that we are also trying to make money and stand out from the crowd—at least that’s what I’m trying to do.

For me, the magic process begins with the image I’ve created in the camera. Lighting is everything. It’s my primary concern, regardless of what I’m photographing. In my case, though, it’s usually a person. I make my living photographing children and families, and creating maternity portraits.

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