Vivian Cherry

Vivian Cherry, a recent recipient of the B&H Photo Lifetime Achievement Award, has a new memoir out, Vignettes: Chapters from a Life. VIGNETTES, a collection of chapters from the life of Vivian Cherry, integrates two art forms, memoir and photography. Ms. Cherry is a quintessential New Yorker, born of immigrant parents. The book is a stunning account of the past of a photographer who came of age during WWII in NYC. She is also one of the last surviving Photo League members at 92 years old as of the publication of this article.

We recently talked to Vivian a bit about her experiences as a photographer during her years and years of shooting.

2 years ago

Vivian Cherry visits the B&H Event Space for an intimate afternoon of the colorful stories behind her black and white photographs that depict New York City street life in the 1940s and '50s. As a pioneering woman street photographer, Vivian combined informal portraiture with cityscapes.

3 years ago
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