WPPI 2014: The Biggest Wedding Filmmaking Event of the Year

Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) has added a series of seminars, dedicated to the craft of wedding videography, to their annual Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, taking place from February 27 to March 6. The new series is a collaborative effort involving WPPI Director of Education and Membership Jason Groupp and top industry cinematographers, such as Vincent Laforet. “Each year we’ve seen an increase in wedding and event filmmakers joining our conference,” explains Groupp. “WPPI: Filmmaking is a program specifically designed for wedding and event filmmakers.”

Editor's Note: This post was written by Justin Dise

Pixel Trade: Photography for Trade

Shantanu Starrick embarked on an interesting photo project. Coined "Pixel Trade," Shantanu travels from household to household to photograph people in exchange for food and shelter. Upon exploring his website, one can see lots of inspiring work that shows Shantanu's versatility as a photographer.

We emailed Shantanu, and asked him a couple of questions about the project and the logistics of it.

A Conversation with David Ziser: Master Wedding and Portrait Photographer (Part I)

David Ziser is a famous wedding photographer who regularly lectures on the craft. Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, David has photographed weddings for years, and was one of the first photographers to make a full transition from film to the digital world. Besides lecturing, David also offers lots of tutorials on his blog, Digital Pro Talk.

We had the opportunity to talk with the wedding great for a bit. This is Part I of his perspective on the photo industry.

3 Tips to Light Up Any Venue

The weather’s getting warmer and there’s a faint smell of cake in the air, which can only mean one thing…wedding season is right around the corner! But are you prepared?

Starting a Wedding Photography Business

The second most-asked question I receive from photographers is, "How did you start your journey as a wedding photographer?" I photographed three weddings in October of 2006, then shot 38 weddings in 2007...all without formal training or money. When I began, I dared myself to dream and fail. My husband, JD, and I planned that I'd give this whole photography thing a try for one year, and if it didn't work, I'd go back and reclaim my scholarship to law school.

Seven Secret Items to Keep in Your Camera Bag During a Wedding

"Camera: check. Lenses: check. Flashes: check. Spare R-strap: check. Wait, what?" There are a couple of items that wedding photographers may never think to keep in their bag. Many of these items are good to have, just in case something goes awry. Here's a list of seven things you may want to keep in your bag that you may not have thought of.

Tips for Using Strobes Effectively at a Wedding

Every wedding photographer has their lighting equipment preferences. Some photographers bring large studio lights, while others work with small strobes. If you're just getting into shooting weddings and prefer the mobility that these flashes allow you, then you may want to know how you can use your strobes more effectively. Just in time for WPPI 2011, here are a couple of tips you can use. 

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