Essential Gear for Savvy Wedding Pros

Wedding photography has become an extremely popular and lucrative specialty. First and foremost, a wedding is a grand, unrepeatable, emotionally charged event at which expectations run high, and second best won't do. Being a wedding photographer requires dedication and talent, but having the right equipment is crucial.

Video Gear

Wedding videography, like event videography in general, is an art form in full bloom. Relatively recent advances in video technology have arguably raised the wedding video's potential to equal that of still photography. To be fair, perhaps the burgeoning popularity of Internet videos is equally responsible for the medium's newfound stature.



Lens Selection for the Wedding Photographer

Many hobbyists reach a turning point in their craft when they decide to pursue wedding photography seriously. With the transition to pro comes the task of updating your lens kit accordingly, and most photographers would agree that investing in quality glass is essential.

Professional Printers for Photographers

As a professional photographer, you have many options for printing the photos you shoot. The kind of printer you choose is based not only on the type of photos you make and who your clients are, but on how you want to present your work and what style of personal promotion interests you.

Hands-On Review: Canon EOS-M Mirrorless Camera

Canon's new EOS-M represents the company's first foray into the world of large-sensor mirrorless cameras. The compact EOS-M features an 18Mp APS-C sensor (the same one that's in the Rebel T4i DSLR), and it comes with a wide-angle 22mm f/2.8 STM lens with a stepping motor for continuous, quiet autofocus that's especially helpful when shooting 1080p video.

Two ELPHs and an A: Canon Announces Three New PowerShots

Canon has announced three new point-and-shoot cameras to further extend the range of options within their popular PowerShot line of digital cameras. Each of the cameras provides compact design with a high-resolution (12- or 16MP) sensor, wide-angle to telephoto zoom lens and HD video capture.

Tutorial: Weekend Warrior Filmmaking - Part 1

In this first part of a two-part series, Mia McCormick, of Kelby Media, walks through the basics of putting together a cinematic gear kit for those of you who want to create compelling movie magic on a budget. Capturing sound and images is paramount to filmmaking, of course, so this episode focuses on the camera and audio equipment you might choose.

CES 2013 Wrap-Up: Hybrid AF and Slow-Mo HD

Admittedly, it seems that this year’s CES breakout products were more about big tablets, smart TVs and gaming, but a few standout cameras and camcorders were introduced last week that will most likely be hot items in the year to come and, for camcorders, might even signal a path for a new marketing niche.

New Frontiers for Lighting with Canon Speedlites

Photographer, author and teacher Syl Arena introduces Canon’s Speedlite line in this B&H video, including the 600EX-RT, which he discusses in depth. Arena points out its new technologies and how they have improved slave shooting and group-mode work.

Hands-On Review: Canon EOS-1Dx

In this video, Larry Becker takes a look at the Canon EOS-1D X, a new, phenomenally fast, accurate-focusing, full-frame flagship DSLR that shoots up to 12 frames per second while continuously focusing to guarantee the best possible performance. It produces more "keepers" for action shooters and pros.


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