Portable Digital Recorders Designed for Bag Use

Portable digital recorders are really popular these days, yet there aren’t many models designed specifically for over-the-shoulder bag work, which is often favored for recording audio in video productions. Most of today’s portable digital recorders are small and designed for handheld use, but their compact and ergonomic designs aren’t what most location sound people need in their bags.

How to Use a Portable Audio Recorder on a Video Shoot

Okay, you've done some research and determined that many people are using portable digital recorders like the Zoom H4n and Tascam DR100 to record the audio during DSLR video shoots. Now you need some real-world advice about using this equipment properly with external microphones, field mixers and clapper slates.

Creating a Great Soundtrack for Your Photo Slideshows

Slideshows have come a long way since Aunt Phyllis plopped you down in the living room and fired up the projector to show you 500 snapshots of her vacation in Salt Lake City. While Phyllis was limited to physically narrating the nuance and foible of each slide, today's technology allows you to transform your images into an immersive, multi-sensory experience.

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