CP+ 2015: What Was Going on at the Eizo Monitor Booth

Eizo, the monitor maker from Japan, was prominent at the CP Plus 2015 Expo, with a booth featuring a wall of ColorEdge monitors displaying sets of images from photographers’ works. The works often were of images toned black and white, or all one color palette across multiple images, showing off the monitors’ ability to match color perfectly from one monitor to the next. A lecture stage and seating in the center of the booth presented guest professionals discussing the ways they use their industry-standard Eizo monitors.

Color Management for the Color Blind

Color management, the art and science of reproducing accurate skin tones, blue skies, red apples, and yellow bananas is a relatively painless process for about 90%-or-so of the human race. If you belong to the majority of the populous, own a decent monitor, printer, and a color calibration system - and actually take the time to use it – you should be able to faithfully render the color and tonality of the image you saw in the camera's viewfinder.

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