What Do You Do When the Lights Go Out?

What do you think of when you hear the word “Preparedness?” It’s a subject that gets an increasing amount of attention. Popular entertainment has glamorized radical climate change, technology gone wild, and other "disaster" scenarios. While Hollywood has entertained us with these, the reality is that we are much more likely to have to deal with something more simple and common.


Flashlights You Never Knew You Wanted

The ubiquitous flashlight is such a part of the modern world that few give it much thought. Except for select professions such as law enforcement, the military, or certain trades, most people only think about flashlights when a storm is coming and they realize that the batteries are dead. That there are so many configurations, switches, and uses, makes this common tool an excellent gift choice.


Shining a Light on the Fenix Flashlight Brand

Crafted with military-grade specs, Fenix flashlights are industry leaders when it comes to LED illumination. One of their slogans is, “Fenix flashlight, sunshine in your pocket.” I’ve sampled several models and this is definitely true. 

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