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The Art and Craft of Point-and-Shoot Macro Photography

I’ve been a fan of pocket-size cameras since they passed the six-megapixel mark some years ago. Since then point-and-shoot digital cameras have become progressively better with every round of upgrades. 

Tips for Making Home Videos Even a Stranger Would Watch

Having completed production of Cooking Healthy for a Dachshund using a basic high-def camcorder and simple editing software, I’m ready to ’fess up about what worked and what didn’t—advice freely handed to every aspiring Cameron.

Flip Video's New Lineup

Flip Video has unveiled its fall line of UltraHD and MinoHD pocket camcorders. Most models now have built-in image stabilization and capture video at 720p/60 frames per second. The UltraHD 2-hour version (black or white) debuts the FlipPort, a proprietary connector that can be plugged into specially designed accessories including external microphones (wired or wireless) for audio pickup close to the subject and external batteries for extra power.

Sunday in the Park with Flip Video's SlideHD

Flip Video turned the camcorder industry on its head by proving that minimal hardware features sell, especially when tightly integrated with easy-to-use software for your computer. Now, Flip has introduced its most ambitious model yet, the Slide HD, with a 3-inch touchscreen that slides out at a 45-degree angle to show your videos. The camera embeds 16-Gigabytes of memory for storing up to 4 hours of high-def video.

Shoot and Shares for Mom

Today’s moms are beyond cool. They rock DSLRs, iPads, and are fast becoming the largest growth segment in social networking. It’s not just kids listening to mom -- hundreds (and in some cases, thousands) of folks follow her tweets, Facebook updates, and blog entries. She’s got her own point of view backed up with boatloads of digital photos -- Isn’t it time she started posting video?

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