Video Gadgets and Tools that are not Toys

As far as shooting goes, there may be nothing more satisfying than getting the shot you want, or getting that image or camera move exactly the way you see it in your mind. Conversely, there may be nothing as disappointing as coming close to your shot, but just not nailing it. This could be caused by any number of factors, but in the end it feels like expecting ice cream, only to bite into shaving cream instead.

On-Camera LED Lights

LED lights are gaining increasing acceptance in the professional video-production industry. When LED video lights were first introduced, they were seen as a smaller, lighter, and often times more convenient alternative to traditional tungsten fixtures, but they were generally considered inferior when it came to the brightness and the quality of light that they produced.

On-Camera Video Monitors

An on-camera monitor can be a tremendously valuable tool for professional video production. Most cameras have a built-in display, but often times a camera’s built-in display is rather small and—especially when it comes to shooting with HDSLRs—they are sometimes fixed in one position on the back of the camera. An on-camera monitor will provide a larger and higher-quality picture.

ikan Tilta™ Rigs

We recently had a chance to work with the new Tilta rigs from ikan and found them to be well thought out, well crafted, and to provide improved physical handling for many of today’s HDSLR, digital video, and cinema cameras. With the rise of the large LCD viewfinder, single sensor, and shrinking electronics, camera manufacturers are moving away from the classic shoulder-mount configuration of the past.


The ikan MK350 Handheld Spectrometer, from UPRTek

The MK350 handheld spectrometer is a marvel of engineering. It slices, dices, and makes coffee. Okay, it doesn’t make coffee, but it is the first self-contained handheld spectrometer—awesomely impressive, as prior spectrometers were either bulky desk units with separate probes or required connection to a computer to give you readings.

ikan VideoForge 4K SDI/HDMI Video Test Pattern Generator

ikan introduces the VideoForge 4K test pattern generator, for professionals who need 4K test patterns to calibrate their 4K display equipment. The generator features an HDMI output and four mini BNC connectors that provide Single, Dual, and Quad HD output.

Ikan Featherweight Lights Lineup

We recently had a chance at B&H to spend some time with new Featherweight LED lights from ikan, and you can color us impressed. We took a hands-on look at two varieties—the IFD series, which is daylight only, and the IFB series, which is a daylight/tungsten bi-color series.


Ikan LED Studio Light with Touch-Screen Dimming

Industry leader ikan has announced two new LED studio lights, expanding its already impressive inventory of fixtures and lighting kits. The unique aspect of both lights is the inclusion of an LCD touch screen control panel, which replaces the knobs and switches located on the back of the older units.

Hands-On Review: ikan Field Monitors VK7i and VX7i

ikan has recently released updated versions of their VK7 and VX7 field monitors. The new VK7i and VX7i monitors feature 7” IPS LCD screens with higher native resolution, wider viewing angles and more accurate color rendition versus the older models. In addition to the original feature set, which includes Peaking, False Color, RGB adjust, Clip Guides and DSLR scaling, the new models also include a dual tally system.

Hands-On Review: Ikan D Series Monitor

ikan's new D-series monitors include the D5, the D5w, the D7 and the D7w. The D5 and the D7 feature either a 5.6- or 7-inch IPS LCD display with 1280 x 800 resolution. The “w” tacked onto the D5w and the D7w models denotes the addition of built-in waveform, vectorscope and RGB parade. These LCD panels benefit from In-Plane Switching technology, which enables improved viewing angles and color rendition.


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