The Travel Series: Changes in Latitude, Great Voyages for Travel Photographers

Every travel photographer has a bucket list of dream destinations. There are a number of wild places in the world that are best visited by ocean-going expeditions on small passenger ships, and you don't have to go halfway around the world to find world-class photo opportunities.

Induro Carbon Fiber Tripods

Lighter-weight carbon fiber tripods have been around for quite some time now, so when Induro decided to throw their hat into the ring they had the attributes, features, and liabilities of many brands to consider. Induro currently offers 8 carbon fiber tripods.

Induro Tripods Endure

Tripods, monopods and their accompanying heads provide the support necessary to hold a camera or other optical device in a stable position. This basic principle is easily achievable, however, variances to this simple principle are what set different tripods, monopods and heads apart. 

Induro PHQ 5-Way Panheads

For some photographers, any tripod head will do. And while this may hold true for many photographers, others eventually get to a point at which the subject matter they're pursuing—and sometimes where they're pursuing their subjects—starts revealing the limitations of the pan or ball head they've been using until that time. If this sounds familiar, you might want to look into Induro's PHQ-series 5-Way Panheads.

Induro GH-Series Gimbal Heads

When Cliff Hausner of MACGroupUSA greets me in the hallowed halls of B&H Photo with his familiar "Al-you-gotta-see-this..." it's usually for good cause. This time it was to show me the new gimballed tripod heads from Induro, which are designed to make working with longer focal-length optics smoother and easier.

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