Holiday 2012: The Vitality of Camcorders

It seems like everything you buy these days has a video camera embedded in it somewhere. Computers, phones, gadgets, even game controllers stare back at you through unblinking, peephole-sized lenses.

Underwater Camcorders

I could begin by listing all the ways that underwater videography is useful for those looking to shoot content in and around water, but let’s get down to the truth of the matter: it just looks cool. Shooting video underwater makes even the clunkiest of movements slow and graceful.

Holiday 2012: TV Essentials

No matter how smart the set, the TV will be challenged to deliver the most effective entertainment experience to you unless it is accompanied by a cadre of accoutrements—some useful, others essential.

Camcorder Gifts for Mother’s Day

There are obvious reasons to choose a dedicated camcorder as a gift for Mother’s Day. For starters, it won’t ring in the middle of video recording. Next, the better camcorders contain an optical zoom lens that doesn’t degrade the picture resolution during close-ups.

Long Zoom Point-and-Shoot Camera Roundup

One of the things we appreciate about cutting edge lens technology is that it’s now possible to squeeze insanely wide range zoom lenses into palm-sized camera bodies.

Bridge Camera Roundup

Despite the growing availability of some impressively small mirrorless digital-camera systems, the market for bridge-style cameras continues to hold its own. If you think about it, it’s kind of cool to know you can purchase a technology-packed digital camera that can capture up to 10 frames per second, HD video with Dolby sound, and sports  a fixed 36x optical zoom lens no less for a few hundred dollars.

Tough and Rugged Point-and-Shoot Cameras

When you read the selling points of professional-grade cameras such as Canon’s 1D series and Nikon’s D3 series, the manufacturers make a point of discussing the heavy-duty construction and exhaustive measures of weatherproofing that go into their respective cameras.

Kodak Hero All-in-One Printers

Kodak has introduced five all-in-one inkjet printers that the company says excel at creating lab-quality photos at your desk. The new Hero All-in-One Printers share a glossy-black finish, Wi-Fi connectivity, LCD preview/cropping screen, the ability to scan to a memory card and affordable ink.

New Kodak Playfull Fears No Water

Big feature-filled video cameras with fancy lenses are great, especially for professionals who need to capture broadcast-quality video. But let’s face it: most of us don’t want to carry around anything that’s too big or heavy, especially if you’re the active, sporting type.

Rugged Point-and-Shoot Cameras

“Summer” is short for “let’s get out of the house and hit the shore, the trails, or anywhere else one can get out and enjoy those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer…” and don’t forget the camera.  But before you start wrapping your digital camera in bubble wrap to protect it from the ravages of surf and turf, you might want to check out the dozens of waterproof, crushproof and shockproof pocket cameras we stock at B&H.


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