Podcast: Gear Insights from the Major Manufacturers at OPTIC 2016

Every year, B&H hosts the OPTIC Imaging Conference, a four-day event showcasing the best nature, landscape, and travel photography. The 2016 edition was a stellar outing, with presentations from some of the most interesting photographers working in those fields. It also serves as a chance for participants to put their hands on the latest cameras, lenses, and gear from all the major manufacturers. 

Hands-On Review: Photographing New York’s Community Gardens with the Lensbaby Velvet 56

As someone who enjoys pushing the envelope photographically, I’ve always had a soft spot for manual focus lenses. Hence my excitement over the invitation to test a Lensbaby Velvet 56 and write a review of its macro capabilities.

Buying Guide to Mobile Macro Accessories

Are the pictures you shoot with your mobile device feeling uninspired or lacking in direction or focus? If so, perhaps it’s time to consider taking a macro approach. In other words—explore photography magnified.  

The root of the word “macro” refers to something long or large in scope, yet in this case, it refers to making small things look bigger. A macro image is generally distinguished by subject matter that is half-life size, (1:2), life size (1:1) or larger (2X, 3X, and so on) as represented on the image sensor.

Unveiled: Create a Swirl of Bokeh with the Lensbaby Twist 60

Understanding Bokeh


In this educational article from B&H, you will learn the definition and history of bokeh, as well tips on how to use it creatively in your photography. 

Capturing a Slice of Life with Lensbaby Composer Pro II

The cold days of winter are finally upon us and that means hunkering down with a cup of hot chocolate and taking a long deserved break. It also signifies shorter, darker days, when many of us will chow down with our family and friends, embracing the foodie inside all of us. As for me, I used the time to embrace the unique look of Lensbaby’s latest Composer Pro II and Edge 50 Optic to create fun shots without constantly worrying about technical perfection.

CP+ 2015: Connecting the Lensbaby LM-10 Sweet Spot Lens for Mobile Phones

Kenko-Tokina represents Lensbaby in Japan, so it was nice see the LM-10 Sweet Spot Lens along with Composer Pro Optics and the new 5.8mm f/3.5 Circular Fisheye Lenses.

Imaging USA 2015: Creative DSLR and Smartphone Lenses from Lensbaby

For a brief overview of the Lensbaby system, as well as a profile of a couple of select products, this video features Mia McCormick speaking with a Lensbaby representative about the company’s Composer Pro and its ability to deliver creative and selective-focus effects.

Lensbaby Composer Pro with Sweet 50 Optic

Enhance your images with this selective-focus lens by giving your photos a unique focal sweet spot, surrounded by blur. Available in eight different mounts, the Composer Pro holds the Sweet 50 Optic or other size Lensbaby Sweet Optics.


The Travel Series: Top Photo Adventure Locations

I am a founding member of Photo Quest Adventures, an international travel company specializing in deluxe photography workshops and unique cultural experiences around the globe. Here are my Top Ten favorite photo destinations.



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