Perspective Control and Tilt-Shift Lenses

In recent years, perspective manipulation has seen a surge in popularity throughout the photography community. Whether it is the eccentricity of miniature-faking, or the dreamy elegance of selective blur, tilt-shift lenses have undoubtedly solidified their place on many contemporary photographers’ to-buy lists.

Mamiya Leaf Introduces the Leaf Credo 80, 60 and 40 Digital Backs

One of the industry’s leading providers of medium-format camera equipment, Mamiya Leaf now introduces a medium-format digital camera back platform—the Leaf Credo series. 

Choosing Your Camera: Know What You Need

In the days when film was king, medium format was the camera of choice for wedding photographers because the larger negative produced a better image, and cropping a large negative didn’t really degrade anything.

Mamiya RB67 Shout-Outs and One Reader's Motorcycle Quandary

My recent post about the Mamiya RZ33 - Mamiya’s latest take on medium-format DSLRs - was followed by an unusually high volume of comments that can be boiled down to several key categories and a sidebar conversation with "euroblade," a reader who’s tearing his or her kishkas out trying to choose between the RZ33 and a BMW R100RT motorcycle, which cost about the same but satisfy opposing needs.

Thumbnails - Mamiya's RZ33 Medium-format DSLR

The original Mamiya RZ67 medium-format was introduced back in 1982 and has since gone through a series of upgrades each designed in response to user needs and evolving imaging technologies. The 4th and latest generation upgrade is the Mamiya RZ33, which is the first fully integrated RZ-based, cable-free digital imaging system.

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