5 Recommended APS-C Lenses for Travel Photography

After our earlier piece recommending five full-frame DSLR lenses for travel photography, we would be remiss not to also suggest five lenses for APS-C-format cameras. DSLRs with APS-C-size sensors are normally more compact and lighter than full-frame DSLRs and, therefore, advantageous when traveling. Remember, however, that the lightweight design often indicates a design containing less metal that may be less prepared for the rigors of unmerciful use. Also, be sure to calculate the crop factor of the APS-C sensor and focal-length equivalency when considering your lens.

5 Recommended Full-Frame DSLR Lenses for Travel Photography

If you're traveling with your full-frame camera, this B&H article offers suggestions for five great lenses for travel.

A Guide to Birding with Long Lenses

Capturing amazingly sharp photos of birds in the wild is the goal of many birders. There are different ways to do this, but the most organic is through the use of extremely long telephoto lenses coupled to digital or film SLR cameras. Not only useful for photography, modern digital cameras also can record video and sound to capture the flight of a bird and its song.


Quick View: Rising Standard & Wide Pinhole

In the following video, Allan Weitz walks us through the capabilities of Rising’s line of Pinhole Lenses for a variety of specialized and unique imaging capabilities. The video covers the basics of pinhole photography and mentions the angles of view and aperture range of the series. The lenses also comes in two versions, standard and wide-angle, to provide a greater selection of looks for your images.

Unveiled: The Nikon 1 J5 Mirrorless Camera with Selfie-Ready Screen

On Adventures and Creativity: the Nikon D5500

Unveiled: Nikon Announces D7200 DSLR, ME-W1 Microphone, and COOLPIX P900

Following the company's CP+ rollouts, Nikon is announcing the new Wi-Fi and NFC-connected D7200 DSLR Camera and the COOLPIX P900 Digital Camera with an impressive 83x optical zoom lens.

CP+ 2015: Hands on the Latest Innovative Nikon Coolpix Digital Cameras

Having just written up the announcement post on nine new COOLPIX cameras for B&H Explora, I was looking forward to trying a few out. Writing from spec sheets makes most cameras sound the same, especially entry-level point-and-shoots, but seeing and touching them determines the small but important differences.


CP+ 2015: Searching for the Nikon D810A, Viewing the Technical Displays

Searching for the Nikon D810A at CP+ 2015, and discovering the D750 and D5500 and new AF-S NIKKOR 300mm f/4E PF ED VR.


New from Nikon: D810A DSLR, D750 Filmmaker's Kit, New Point-and-Shoots

Beep, beep, beep... that's the sound of the Nikon truck backing up to the loading dock at B&H, delivering the wealth of new cameras that Nikon is introducing for the 2015 shooting season. In addition to a D810 DSLR specifically reëngineered for astrophotography and a D750 Filmmakers Kit, Nikon has also announced nine new COOLPIX point-and-shoot cameras that are sure to please every type of shooter. And don’t forget the many new accessories that complement the use of this impressive new crop of cameras.



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