Tough Territory Calls for Tough Cameras

I love tough cameras. Nowadays so much sophisticated, high-tech finery is protected by a thin plastic casing and when that casing breaks—and it will—the whole system risks collapse. “Tough" cameras fly in the face of adversity and have earned a category unto themselves with a simple and befitting name to match.

All-in-One Zoom Lens Roundup

With few exceptions, a camera with a ten-to-twelve power, wide angle to telephoto zoom lens should be more than enough optical coverage to satisfy anyone’s needs. As for the specifics, we’re talking about a zoom lens with an angle-of-view range of about 74° to 8°.

Tough and Rugged Point-and-Shoot Cameras

When you read the selling points of professional-grade cameras such as Canon’s 1D series and Nikon’s D3 series, the manufacturers make a point of discussing the heavy-duty construction and exhaustive measures of weatherproofing that go into their respective cameras.

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