Turning the Tables on Digital Media

Ah, physical media. Vinyl. LPs. EPs. 45s. 78s. Wondrous words for older music fans and dyed-in-wool Luddites, but surely out of step in this age of instant music downloads and cloud-based media streaming—or are they? Make no mistake: for some diehard music fanatics, downloading an mp3 will forever play second fiddle to the joy of acquiring a shiny slab of vinyl.

Ultrabooks™ as Ultimate DJ Machines

It seems like eons ago, before digital media and the Internet forever changed the way we consume music, folks visited brick-and-mortar stores to purchase vinyl LPs and 45 rpm records. While there are signs that “vintage” analog is making a comeback, the fact remains that people nowadays mainly buy and listen to music on computers and portable electronic devices.

Holiday 2012: USB Turntables

This hoilday video features a variety of USB turntables that are available at B&H. There are several options, from portable and retro models to professional DJ and audiophile turntables. The video introduces and examines the characteristics of four turntable models that feature USB connectivity for digitizing your vinyl collection. Additionally, none of these turntables require a phono preamp.

Holiday 2012: Rock Your New Year's Eve Party!

New Year's Eve is upon us again. That special night when we make big plans, dress up, get our hopes up and attend the coolest party we can find—only to be let down. It doesn’t have to be this way, folks.

Holiday 2012: DJ Controllers

Everyone wants to be a DJ these days, and with good reason—DJs are cool. Movie stars are doing it. Sports stars are doing it. Guess what? You could do it, too.

Hands-on Review: Numark NS6

This 4 channel controller and audio interface also functions as a stand alone DJ mixer.

Serato DJ Intro: Free for Qualifying Hardware Owners

The New Zealand-based software manufacturer Serato Audio Research produces some of the most popular applications for DJing with a computer, but, until now, if you wanted to get into using their DJ products, purchasing a higher-end piece of proprietary hardware (like the Rane TTM-57SL or the Pioneer DDJ-S1) was required.

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