Holiday 2012: Advanced Mirrorless Digital Cameras

Advanced mirrorless digital cameras have become viable alternatives, not compromises, to true optical single lens reflex cameras, and sometimes surpass others with regard to optical performance, portability and stealth.

Holiday 2012: New Mirrorless Lenses 2012

2012 has seen an in increase in all things mirrorless, that being a bit of an umbrella term for compact interchangeable-lens cameras, their lenses and adapters. Canon, for example, released its first mirrorless camera system in 2012 and most major manufacturers have added new cameras to their mirrorless lineups. Of course, a growing list of lenses for these cameras—of all focal lengths—is now available, too.


Holiday 2012: Bridge Point-and-Shoot Digital Cameras

Even with the dropping prices of DSLRs and the rising appeal of mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras, the so called “bridge” camera is as popular as ever. “Bridge cameras” are big-bodied, big zoom point-and-shoot cameras that have the look and heft of a more expensive and feature-heavy camera but still maintain the simplicity of the standard and compact point-and-shoot cameras.

Holiday 2012: Compact Zoom Digital Cameras

The holiday season brings with it a number of decisions: chief among them is what to buy for all the people on your list. If someone special has expressed an interest in a compact zoom point-and-shoot digital camera, then this article presents you with a number of worthy choices.

Holiday 2012: Rugged Compact Digital Cameras

Rugged compact cameras are built tough to withstand accidental drops, submersion and exposure to extreme temperatures. With these durable imaging devices, you’ll have less to worry about than you would with a standard point-and-shoot camera—because these cameras can take their fair share of abuse and keep on clicking.

Holiday 2012: Intermediate-Level DSLR Cameras

An intermediate DSLR is what its name implies, a camera that falls between entry-level and professional-level DSLRs. While this is generally true, it should not necessarily imply that an intermediate camera is unable to produce images similar in quality to professional cameras, or that it cannot be used to its maximum potential by a novice photographer.

Holiday 2012: Retro Cameras

2012 has been a year for advances in many aspects of digital camera technology. Improvements in autofocus, mirrorless design, full-frame sensors and Wi-Fi connectivity have found their way into cameras from compacts to full-size DSLRs.



New Olympus Pen E-PL5 and E-PM2 Mirrorless Cameras and Primes, XZ-2 Point and Shoot

Olympus has announced the new 16MP Pen E-PL5 and E-PM2 mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras with 4/3 Live MOS sensors, along with two new compatible primes: a special edition M.ZUIKO 12mm f/2.0 and a macro 60mm f/2.8.

The New Olympus Stylus SP-820UZ Ultra-Zoom Digital Cameras

Olympus has just announced the new Stylus SP-820UZ, a 14MP compact digital camera with a 40x optical zoom that enables you to shoot pictures and Full HD videos, and it’s powered by four AA batteries.

Aquatic Cameras for the Rest of Us

We're waist-deep in summer, and that means we’re neck-deep in the water with friends and family. What better way to capture your aquatic summer adventures than with an underwater camera? Each of the major players in the photo industry has fine underwater offerings that make getting memorable shots under the sea, or just within reach of the waves, a cinch.


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