8 Must-Have Accessories for Architectural Photography

Architectural photography is both an art and an exacting craft. Unlike most genres of photography, in which level horizon lines and correction for keystone and parallax distortions are secondary issues, architectural photography requires a disciplined workflow and a keen sense of design.

Macro Lens Buying Guide

It is probably safe to say that many of us photographers have, either with our cameras or smartphones, tried to capture a close-up image of an insect, flower, toy, or other object. We have an idea of what we want this photograph to look like as we prepare to capture the image. We have seen and admired beautiful close-up images before but, when we nose the camera lens up to the object, the camera balks—it cannot focus close enough to create the image we want to capture.

Unveiled: Pentax Makes its First Foray into Full-Frame Cameras, the K-1 DSLR

Introduction to Lens Mounts and Lens Adapters

You may be thinking, "What a boring subject for an article," and you would be right. However, as boring as the interface between your camera and lens might be, the significance of your camera's specific mount, along with which lenses can be used on your camera, which lenses can be adapted to your camera, and why some lenses work and others do not, can prove to be a more interesting subject that may even inform which camera or lens system you eventually buy.

10 Recommended Cameras for Sports, Wildlife, and Action Photography

Whether you’re shooting a basketball game from the sidelines or the great wildebeest migration in the Masai Mara, you’re going to want a camera with a lens that’s fast enough to catch all of the action. While some prefer the flexibility of an interchangeable-lens system with a large sensor, others dislike the bulk and weight of the gear involved. Fortunately for us all, technology is catching up to those of us who want a small camera with a large sensor and the ability to change lenses.

Guide to Optics for Kids

In the comments for one of my other binocular articles, a reader pointed out that I had neglected to suggest binoculars for children. In response, we’re publishing this piece that is devoted strictly to kids, and will deal with the different types of optics we offer here at B&H: binoculars, spotting scopes, and microscopes. Buying for children presents a complicated set of contradictory ideas.

Best of 2015: SLR Lenses

While much of the photo industry has been focusing on the continual growth of the mirrorless world, the DSLR market has also seen its fair share of growth and optical innovations throughout 2015. Anchored by the strongholds of Canon and Nikon, and garnished with Pentax, the realm of SLR lenses expands beyond the primary camera manufacturers to include several third-party manufacturers ranging from the formidable Zeiss, Sigma, and Tamron to lesser-known, up-and-coming manufacturers such as Mitakon Zhongyi and Venus Optics.

The Pentax 645Z, in the Eyes of Five Working Photographers

In this article from B&H, five working professional photographers discuss the Pentax 645Z, including image examples, insights about the cameras and how it can be used in multiple shooting situations. 

Pentax Sport Optics Binocular Roundup

Pentax recently released an exciting new lineup of sport optics, which includes 34 binoculars. Knowing how diverse the applications of binoculars are, the company created four different series to accommodate any niche. These new models range from full-sized pieces that are designed to take advantage of the faintest hints of ambient light, to small and lightweight go-anywhere models that would be perfectly at home in a shirt pocket.

Hands-On Review: The Pentax K-3 II

The new Pentax K-3 II’s advanced features, image quality, ruggedness, and performance will be no surprise to Pentax loyalists. Those photographers have known that Pentax’s DSLR cameras have been at the technological forefront for years. As these Pentax shooters are out making great photos, they do so confidently, knowing that their cameras have unique and useful built-in features that even the top-level professional cameras from the major competitors do not have at their disposal.

With its latest flagship, Pentax has raised the APS-C DSLR bar even higher.



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