Holiday 2012: Entry-Level Mirrorless Digital Cameras

A quick glance through current consumer photo magazines can be a dizzying experience… new models seem to appear on the market as quickly as manufacturers can think up new names, and reviewers assure us that the old models are "oh-so-ten-minutes-ago," replaced by something better, faster, and often cheaper.


Holiday 2012: Bridge Point-and-Shoot Digital Cameras

Even with the dropping prices of DSLRs and the rising appeal of mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras, the so called “bridge” camera is as popular as ever. “Bridge cameras” are big-bodied, big zoom point-and-shoot cameras that have the look and heft of a more expensive and feature-heavy camera but still maintain the simplicity of the standard and compact point-and-shoot cameras.

Holiday 2012: Intermediate-Level DSLR Cameras

An intermediate DSLR is what its name implies, a camera that falls between entry-level and professional-level DSLRs. While this is generally true, it should not necessarily imply that an intermediate camera is unable to produce images similar in quality to professional cameras, or that it cannot be used to its maximum potential by a novice photographer.


Holiday 2012: Entry Level DSLR Cameras

A DSLR is a step up for photographers looking to gain more control over the way they create images, as well as providing greater versatility and expansion for their future photographic endeavors. Serving as the contemporary progression from traditional film-based SLR cameras, a DSLR is a digital single lens reflex camera.

New from Pentax: K-5 II DSLR and Q10 Digital Cameras, Four Lenses and an Adapter

The new 16.3-megapixel Pentax K-5 II DSLR camera will replace the current Pentax K-5 in Pentax’s DSLR lineup. It features a 16.3-megapixel CMOS image sensor with integrated AD conversion circuitry, which works with Pentax’s PRIME II Imaging Engine to deliver high-resolution, rich-gradation digital images.

Pentax K-30 Digital Camera

Our hands-on video review of the weather-resistant Pentax K-30 Digital Camera covers the standout features of the camera and also shows it in action with a couple of lens choices, including the SMC Pentax DA 50-200mm f/4-5.6 ED lens and the SMC Pentax DA 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 AL lens.

The New Pentax X-5 Digital Camera: From Macro to Megazoom

Pentax has introduced a new 16MP point-and-shoot digital camera designed for the photographer who wants a high resolution, versatile camera that can travel anywhere.

Aquatic Cameras for the Rest of Us

We're waist-deep in summer, and that means we’re neck-deep in the water with friends and family. What better way to capture your aquatic summer adventures than with an underwater camera? Each of the major players in the photo industry has fine underwater offerings that make getting memorable shots under the sea, or just within reach of the waves, a cinch.

Avoid Potential Disasters with a Back-Up Kit

When diving into the world of Wedding Photography, you must have a plan and be prepared for anything. Like the very wedding you’re going to shoot, you need to know what is going to happen, when and where it is going to happen and how it is expected to happen.

High-Definition Wedding Photography

Still photography and weddings have coexisted and depended on one another for just about as long as photographs have been made. Over the course of the 180 or so years of photography, the technology has obviously evolved and has been adapted to record these special events.



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