New Pentax Optio WG-2 Rugged Digital Camera

With their distinctive bowtie-like body styling, the newly-announced Pentax Optio WG-2 and WG-2 GPS bear an uncanny resemblance to their rugged Optio ancestors. Although the new cameras—13th-generation models according to the Pentax press release—strongly resemble their forebears, they contain enough internal and external improvements to warrant the title "new."

New Pentax K-01 APS-C Format Mirrorless Camera System

Pentax has joined the mirrorless camera system club with the announcement of the Pentax K-01. Unlike a majority of the current crop of mirrorless camera systems, which contain Four Thirds format sensors, the new Pentax K-01 is designed around a larger APS-C CMOS sensor (1.5x) that offers 16MP.

New Pentax Optio VS20

Pentax has announced a new pocket-sized digital camera which, despite its narrow profile, sports a 20x 28-560mm equivalent zoom lens. In addition to an expansive zoom range, the Pentax Optio VS20 features a second shutter release.

Cold-Weather Photography

Even though the leaves are down and your frost-laden lawn makes crunchy sounds when you cross it in the morning, that doesn’t mean it’s time to pack your cameras away until March or April; if you do, you’re going to miss some fine picture-taking opportunities.

Extreme Telephoto and Zoom Lens Roundup

Say the word “telephoto” and many shooters automatically think “Oh, telephotos bring things closer.” Now while this is true—particularly in the mind’s eye of newbies to the sport—the imaging abilities of telephoto lenses go well beyond “bringing things closer.”

Long Zoom Point-and-Shoot Camera Roundup

One of the things we appreciate about cutting edge lens technology is that it’s now possible to squeeze insanely wide range zoom lenses into palm-sized camera bodies.

Entry-Level Mirrorless Cameras

Ever since Olympus popped the cork on its first Digital Pen, the market has been bubbling over with an impressively large selection of high quality, mirror-free digital cameras.

Mid-Level DSLR Roundup

On the surface, it’s sometimes hard to tell the differences between entry-level and mid-level DSLRs. Though some mid-level DSLRs are physically larger than entry-level models, they’re not always larger—and even when they are it’s often not by much.

Wide and Extreme Wide-Angle Lens Roundup

One of the broadest categories of lenses we sell at B&H is wide and extra-wide-angle lenses. As for defining the parameters of wide and ultra wide, the safest definition of a standard wide-angle lens would be a lens with an angle of view between 62° and 84°.

Fast Glass

The number of fast, wide-aperture prime optics we carry at B&H has grown over the past year, and in a world that has become increasingly populated by slower, variable aperture zooms, this is encouraging news.


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