Holiday 2012: Home Portraiture and Lighting

We took a few minutes to speak with Mr. Joey Quintero, professional photographer and lecturer at the B&H Event Space, about ways we can improve our photography, especially in terms of portraits and basic lighting techniques.

Power and Efficiency with Portable Strobe Kits

Portable strobes combine the better of two worlds into a single entity; bringing the power and control of studio lighting together with the flexibility of speedlights or camera-based flash systems. Travel strobes are mainly used for location lighting situations, but can also prove to be a great all-around lighting system capable of fulfilling many studio-based tasks as well.


Lighting Gear for Outdoor Portraits

After posing for a few gigabits of formals in a hall, you can sense the wedding party’s palpable relief when, weather permitting, it’s time to take it outside. If you’re lucky enough to have nicely landscaped grounds, it’s a great opportunity to stop fighting with the tungsten light sources inside and take advantage of that flash-friendly sunlight.

Creative Lighting Techniques for Big Events

Wikipedia succinctly defines wedding photography as “the photography of activities relating to weddings. It encompasses photographs of the couple before marriage as well as coverage of the wedding and reception."

How to Use Your HDSLR System Optimally for Video

Off the cuff, one might think there are few, if any, differences between packing a DSLR system and an HDSLR system, but once you look beyond the basics, i.e. the camera bodies, lenses and tripod (the legs, but not necessarily the head), the differences start adding up.

Lighting Systems for Wedding Photography

After cameras and lenses, the third slice of your wedding gear triad is your choice of lighting gear. The most basic system revolves around a dedicated TTL (through the lens) flashgun mounted on your camera’s hot shoe (or preferably on an adjustable flash bracket). 

DIY Project: Hack Your Beauty Dish to Fit a Speedlite

Beauty Dishes are light modifiers that take your light source, bounce the output against an internal reflector, and then spread that light out via the inside of a white dish. The result is beautiful soft light that is similar to a softbox. Beauty Dishes are more versatile than that though, depending on how you place them or modify them. But what if you want to use your beauty dish with your existing on-camera strobes? Here are two methods how to do this.

Home Portraiture: A Primer for the Prosumer

An ample home studio can be constructed in spaces as small as 12 x 12 - 20'. Within the confines of this space you can create countless professional-quality portraits.

Lighting Food

What is often missed when approaching a plate of food is its unique architecture, which begins with the vessel or plate. There is no substitute for moving it around and rotating it in-camera, arranging the elements utilizing the unique perspective of the lens in use. This is a lesson I learned doing interiors. Many of the spaces that you see depicted in glossy architectural publications couldn't be lived in as photographed, but rather appear as though they could be.

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