The Latest Light-Shaping Tools From Profoto

Light is what makes photography possible, and precise, nuanced lighting control is what enables photographers to capture truly professional-looking images that showcase and enhance whatever is in front of their cameras. Some of the primary tools knowledgeable photographers employ to control the lighting precisely are light modifiers.


First Look: Profoto B1 500 AirTTL Off-Camera Flash

When Profoto rolls out a new product, you sit up and take notice, whether it’s an umbrella, reflector, or battery charger. So, when a new flash head became available for field testing, I was totally onboard.

Brian Smith on How to Take Better Portraits

Brian Smith is a Sony Artisan, and a world-famous portrait photographer. His client list includes many celebrities and major players in the entertainment industry, and he is a recipient of the Pultizer Prize. For the past thirty years, Brian has been in the editorial and advertising photography industry, after having a photo make it into LIFE magazine at the age of 20.

Drawing upon this experience, Brian will be giving a lecture at the B&H Event Space soon. He's also celebrating the release of his recently published book, "Secrets of Great Portait Photography: Photographs of the Famous and Infamous."

We got to talk to Brian for a bit about how to capture better portraits. Here are his tips.

Lighting Gear for Outdoor Portraits

After posing for a few gigabits of formals in a hall, you can sense the wedding party’s palpable relief when, weather permitting, it’s time to take it outside. If you’re lucky enough to have nicely landscaped grounds, it’s a great opportunity to stop fighting with the tungsten light sources inside and take advantage of that flash-friendly sunlight.

Creative Lighting Techniques for Big Events

Wikipedia succinctly defines wedding photography as “the photography of activities relating to weddings. It encompasses photographs of the couple before marriage as well as coverage of the wedding and reception."

Lighting Systems for Wedding Photography

After cameras and lenses, the third slice of your wedding gear triad is your choice of lighting gear. The most basic system revolves around a dedicated TTL (through the lens) flashgun mounted on your camera’s hot shoe (or preferably on an adjustable flash bracket). 

The Wedding Photographer's Guide to Outdoor Lighting

With the right tools, outdoor wedding photography can be a nice contrast to the more formal, controlled-light look of photographs taken within the confines of a catering hall or other wedding-centric indoor location.

Battery-Powered Studio Lighting

When it comes to studio flash systems, photographers face few limitations as per what’s possible. If you can sketch the shot on paper, you can shoot it. Power-wise, there are a number of power packs capable of banging out up to 6400 w/s symmetrically or asymmetrically into single or multiple heads.

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