Working with a Photo Assistant

Some wedding photographers work without an assistant; others say they can’t do their job effectively without one. How do you decide if or when you need an assistant?

Lighting Gear for Outdoor Portraits

Innovative LED Lighting for Stills and Video

LEDs have come a very long way from simple uses as indicator lights on your audio and video equipment to a dominant position in the field of signage and display in large public venues. Since developing technology has helped to overcome their initial high cost of production, they are now poised to supplant fluorescent lamps in our homes.


Rosco LED LitePads

LEDs are among the coolest continuous-lighting technologies to come along in quite some time, and Rosco LitePads are among the finest of the lot. Available in a choice of Daylight or Tungsten, the advantages of LED lighting include soft shadows with smooth highlight-to-shadow transitions, low heat output, low power consumption and form factors as slender as 0.37” (9.4mm). They are extremely valuable for lighting tight interiors.


Lighting for Interviews

The first thing to accept is that you won't have enough time, the location won't be easy, and your subject will either turn into a wallflower or a Prima Donna the moment you train a lens on them. But, if your interview is well scripted and your lighting is complimentary, you'll witness an almost magical transformation that can be quite revelatory.

Why Do I Need a Meter?

So you've dropped a few thousand on your HD video camera and you're doing fine with the onboard monitor for the small productions that represent the bulk of your business. Why do you need a meter?

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