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Unveiled: the New Galaxy S5 Cellular Phone

Each generation of Samsung's flagship Galaxy S phone is met with high anticipation and excitement. Feature sets, image renderings, and possible specifications usually hit the rumor mill at the turn of the new year, with industry insiders and consumers alike anxiously awaiting an official press release and subsequent spring product launch. Luckily, Samsung is up to the task: with each new model Samsung manages to extend the boundaries even further, adding more advanced technology and features than its previous generation.

Unveiled: The Samsung NX Mini Mirrorless Digital Camera and New NX-M Mount Lenses

Samsung is at it again! They have announced a new ultra-compact mirrorless camera, complete with a new NX-M mount to attach the mini lenses that go with it. The NX Mini Mirrorless Digital Camera is available in two kits and several colors, and its feature set is notable, considering it’s an interchangeable-lens camera that weighs 5.6 ounces and can easily fit in your front pocket, even with a lens attached.

Take Note of the Samsung 32GB Galaxy NotePRO Tablet

Tablets come and go, like the tide. And like the tide, some tablets are just flotsam on the ocean of tech, while others are buried treasures that need polishing to bring out their inner beauty. Some are pearls that started out as sand and made their way up the chain to become works of art, while others should probably be tossed back into the briny depths whence they came.

Unveiled: Samsung Covers the Galaxy with Tablets

Tablets may come and go—and they do—but some brand names stick around. While this past holiday season has shown us that you can buy a tablet from anywhere, and literally from any manufacturer, it’s also shown us that some manufacturers continue to pull out the stops when it comes to making quality tablets.

Upgrade to an HDTV for The Big Game

As the big game approaches, you may be looking at your aging TV and thinking to yourself, “It’s time for an upgrade”—and frankly, why not? Just because you’re not at the stadium doesn’t mean you can’t have a larger-than-life experience in the middle of your living room.

Unveiled: Five Samsung Point-and-Shoot Cameras

In terms of cameras, Samsung’s 2014 CES offering looks like an interesting set of point-and-shoot cameras. They have just announced five new cameras that span the fields of point-and-shoots, from convenient entry-level shooters to a premium long zoom bridge camera that looks like a pro DSLR.

Unveiled: Samsung NX and Galaxy Digital Cameras

Samsung announced two new cameras in their lineup today, the NX30 mirrorless compact system camera, and the Android-powered Galaxy Camera 2 point-and-shoot, with both cameras advancing the features of previous models. Additionally, two new lenses were also announced.

Outstanding Holiday Camera Deals

Here at B&H, we're steeped in the latest camera technology and products. With the holidays quickly approaching, we have culled many of our favorites to save you the time it would take to pore over dozens of pages of specs and features. Our commitment to provide you with the best in customer service has produced lists of suggestions like the one that follows.

The Magnificent Six: Tablets for the Holidays

Tablets have become as standard as smartphones this year. You can see them on the morning commute, in parks, schools—just about anywhere there’s a Wi-Fi connection. But as tablets become more ubiquitous, and the selection of tablets grows, you need to make hard and fast choices about the tablet you buy. If you want our picks for some of the best tablets this season, read on.


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