NAB 2015: Schoeps HSC 4VXP Headset

You got your Schoeps in my Ultrasone! You got your Ultrasone in my Schoeps! Geared toward sportscasters and broadcasters, Schoeps has integrated a cardioid-pattern condenser mic on a gooseneck directly into a pair of Ultrasone HFI-680 headphones.


Shotgun Microphone Roundup

Shotgun microphones are used to capture sounds such as dialog in film and video productions, for “spot” miking specific areas on sets, stages and installations, and for creating Foley and sound effects. 


Interior Dialog Boompole Microphone Roundup

When you’re operating a boompole to capture dialog for a video or film production indoors, it’s often best not to use a shotgun microphone. The kind of microphone that you want to use is a small diaphragm condenser with either a hypercardioid or a supercardioid pick-up pattern. More specifically, there are only a handful of microphone models that are preferred for this task.

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