What Works for You? A Guide to DSLR Audio

If you gather ten sound engineers in a room and ask them what’s the best way to record something, don’t be surprised when you get ten different answers. One thing that makes sound engineering such a fun field is that all ten answers will probably be right.

Holiday 2012: Portable Digital Recorders

A portable digital recorder is a compact, battery-powered device that’s capable of creating high-resolution digital audio recordings. Most portable digital recorders feature built-in microphones, but some only have inputs for connecting external audio signals.

How to Defeat a Camera’s AGC with an MP3 Player

With all of the advantages that the HDSLR revolution has given video producers and filmmakers, there are a number of well-known drawbacks to be aware of: moiré, aliasing, lack of headphone monitoring and sensors that quickly overheat. One of the lesser-known drawbacks is an audio feature called AGC.

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