Imaging USA 2015: What Makes SKB Camera Cases Unique

Watch and listen as Mia McCormick, of KelbyOne Media, takes a look at some of SKB's photography cases and provides an overview of some of the company’s core products from the Imaging USA 2015 show floor, such as camera-dedicated cases, pre-cut inserts for specific camera and lens configurations, and their construction details, including spring-loaded latches and lightweight designs.

Protecting Your Photo Gear When Traveling

Regardless of whether you’re a pro or a serious enthusiast, chances are you value the investment you’ve made in your photo gear and you try to keep it in tip-top shape, cosmetically and otherwise. Keeping your gear safe and protected when traveling can be particularly challenging, especially when your travels take you to places that involve trains, planes or automobiles, unpaved roads, steep climbs, sand, rain, humidity and other forms of wet and wild stuff.

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