A few years ago, HDSLRs revitalized the wedding video industry. Today, the second generation of HDSLRs offers a variety of great new features for shooting HD video. The most serious decision you can make as a wedding videographer, which will have an effect on both your workflow and style of shooting, will be your choice of camera.


New Sony LED TVs and 4K Ultra HD TVs for 2013

The Sony brand is synonymous with style, innovation and quality. Their dedication to brand identity and creative industrial design has been a wildly successful marketing strategy, which companies like Apple and Samsung have adopted over the last decade. Sony has also been an industry leader and innovator when it comes to technology.

Macro SLR Lenses with Image Stabilization

A macro lens is an important tool for a wedding photographer. Perhaps not as crucial as capturing the kiss at the altar or the daddy-daughter dance, a close-up of the rings, flowers or candle being lit is considered part of the standard package. These moments may very well be situated in less than ideal lighting conditions, so a fast macro lens is needed to guarantee you get that shot.

Essential Gear for Savvy Wedding Pros

Wedding photography has become an extremely popular and lucrative specialty. First and foremost, a wedding is a grand, unrepeatable, emotionally charged event at which expectations run high, and second best won't do. Being a wedding photographer requires dedication and talent, but having the right equipment is crucial.

B&H Wedding Guide: Electronic Wedding Albums and Digital Wedding Media

Physical wedding albums are an important keepsake for most couples. However, today’s newlyweds are increasingly using tablet computers and other digital media to keep an electronic photo album of their big day, and likewise, most wedding photographers have incorporated digital services into their offerings.

Video Gear

Wedding videography, like event videography in general, is an art form in full bloom. Relatively recent advances in video technology have arguably raised the wedding video's potential to equal that of still photography. To be fair, perhaps the burgeoning popularity of Internet videos is equally responsible for the medium's newfound stature.



Which Video Camera is Best for You?

In the ever-changing, innovative world of video production, making a new camcorder-purchasing decision requires up-to-date knowledge of the latest features available, along with an understanding of tried-and-true technology. Even seasoned professionals will need to take some time to research the myriad choices offered, then carefully determine which camera fits their needs.

Hands-On Review: Sony NEX 6

With the Alpha NEX-6, Sony expands its lineup of mirrorless cameras with APS-C-size sensors and interchangeable lenses. The NEX-6 has a 16.1 MP sensor and options for both beginners and advanced users: There are several in-camera editing tools and two powerful Auto modes, and more professional users will appreciate the Program, Aperture, Shutter Priority, and Manual Modes.

Audio for Video and Live Sound

When most people think of a wedding, the visuals come to mind. The ceremony, the reception hall, being surrounded by friends and family, and of course the beautiful white dress.

Lens Selection for the Wedding Photographer

Many hobbyists reach a turning point in their craft when they decide to pursue wedding photography seriously. With the transition to pro comes the task of updating your lens kit accordingly, and most photographers would agree that investing in quality glass is essential.


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