Camcorder Gifts for Mother’s Day

There are obvious reasons to choose a dedicated camcorder as a gift for Mother’s Day. For starters, it won’t ring in the middle of video recording. Next, the better camcorders contain an optical zoom lens that doesn’t degrade the picture resolution during close-ups.

Give your Mother a Trendy Computer Tablet on Mother’s Day

With Mother's Day looming just before us, now might be a great time to open your mom's mind to the usefulness and convenience of tablet computing. The iPad is tremendously popular, and an awesome piece of technical goodness to boot. But there are many other tablets to choose from.

Toshiba All-in-One Desktop Computers

All-in-one desktop computers have proven their value as multi-purpose space savers for people with large needs but limited room. Now, Toshiba has introduced two DX735 All-in-One Desktop Computer models with ample 23-inch Full HD displays that double as multi-touch screens.

Tablet Roundup

Apple didn’t invent tablet computers, but it sparked the fire that’s now a full-blown inferno, with every major manufacturer offering one or more tablet computers. A tablet computer is all that most people need, especially for entertainment purposes. But they’re also good for being productive. Let’s take a look at some of the latest and most popular units.

Toshiba's New Blu-ray Trio

It was only a few years ago that Toshiba lead the charge against Blu-ray with the now defunct HD DVD format. Currently, the company offers a robust line of Blu-ray models as home theater players and notebook computers. Three of Toshiba’s latest video source components are the BDX2250, BDX4150 and BDX2150 players.

Toshiba Presents Two New Camileo Camcorders

Pocket-size camcorders are still quite popular, and Toshiba recently announced two new models, the Camileo B10 and the Camileo P100. They’re both quite small, but with different styles to meet personal preferences.

Tablet Roundup

No flash in the pan, tablets have gone mainstream. Mobile touch screen computers are proving that you don’t necessarily need a physical keyboard to enjoy entertainment, gather information and communicate by text or live video.

Toshiba’s No-Nonsense 'Thrive' Tablets

Once the leading maker of laptop computers, Toshiba hopes to thrive again with the aptly named Thrive Tablet. The three 10.1-inch touch screen models, expected to ship in mid-July, differ only in the amount of internal storage: the TOAT105T108 with 8-gigabytes  ($429.95), TOAT105T1016 with 16GB ($479.95), and TOAT105T1032 with 32GB ($579.95).


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