See The Difference: Vanguard Endeavor ED II 10x42 Binocular

Vanguard’s new flagship binoculars boast high-end extra-low-dispersion glass, plus a host of significant upgrades. We put them to the test to see how well they perform.


New Tripod Kits from Vanguard

This year’s International Consumer Electronics Show saw thousands of exhibitors showcasing the latest gadgets to which the public can look forward in the immediate or near future. The conference, which takes place annually at the Las Vegas Convention Center, provided the photo and video community with good news from Vanguard.

Holiday 2012: Astronomy, Adventure and Birding Optics

Help the outdoor enthusiast or stargazer in your life see the light better this holiday season with a new set of optics. Whether the subject of their interest is off among the stars or atop an outlying ridgeline, an optic is a thoughtful and original gift idea that can serve its recipient for years.

Holiday 2012: Camera and Lens Care

Once a new camera is chosen, purchased and received, the depreciation clock starts immediately. Regular light maintenance is important in order to keep a camera in optimal working condition and ready for any situation.

Holiday 2012: Camera Bags and Cases

A bag is usually just a bag—unless it's a stylish camera bag. If you are looking for a holiday gift for a special photographer, or if a new camera bag is necessary for your own holiday shoots, here are some suggestions for camera bags for any photographer.

Compact Support Solutions: Tripods, Pedestals, Bean Bags and More

Whether you're shooting with DSLRs, camcorders or point and shoots, B&H has a broad array of compact tripods, bean bags and more for photography and videography in every style imaginable to suit your needs. You can even find pedestals specifically for pro video and broadcast applications.

B&H’s Best Bag for your Buck Roundup

No matter what type, brand, or model your camera happens to be, you will inevitably need to find a way to store, protect, and carry it, along with all the other gear you may need. 

Scattered Shower-Proof Camera Bags

Don’t you just love it when the forecast calls for sunshine and blue skies with a 42% chance that it will be rainy and miserable? When the day’s weather promises to be schizophrenic at best, photographers have some serious decisions to make.

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