Wacom Cintiq 27QHD Pen Display


Wacom Introduces New Styli at IFA 2014

While your fingers may be sufficient enough to make typos, which are then autocorrected to hilarious effect on your smartphone or tablet, they don't work so well when you need to write or draw. Fortunately, Wacom has you covered with several new stylus models that were announced at IFA 2014.


Unveiled: Wacom Intuos Creative Tablet Lineup

When you think of entering information into your computer, you naturally think of your keyboard and mouse as the input devices. That is so last year. The new wave of input is through a digitizer—a digital tablet that allows you to input not just notes, but freehand sketches, designs, paintings, and a myriad host of other creative ideas.


Hands-On Review: the Wacom Cintiq 22HD Touch

The Wacom Cintiq 22HD Touch provides a unique balance between pen and multi-touch input. With the inclusion of multi-touch, the Wacom Cintiq 22HD Touch makes digital writing and drawing much more interactive and intuitive. Instead of using just the pen and keyboard shortcuts to rotate the image, you'll be able to use two fingers.

Holiday 2012: Tools for a Successful Lightroom Workflow

Since the workflow concerning the primary use of digital cameras differs greatly from traditional film methodologies, new technologies exist to greater benefit this rapidly changing and evolving means of image production. With film-based photography, keeping an archive of your work meant physical, archival storage and required space and hands-on working means.


Wacom Refreshes the Bamboo with a Splash

It seems everything is going digital these days. Books, movies, music, and even works of art are now being stored in a digital format. While it can be argued that drawing with a mouse requires some skill, it still pales in comparison to a beautifully hand-drawn image.

Photographers and the iPad

New Wacom Intuos5 Tablets Offer Multi-Touch Gesture Support

Wacom’s new Intuos5 digital tablets have been announced. Similar to the Intuos4 models, the new Intuos5 tablets offer new features and functionality. Anyone who was a fan of the Intuos4 tablets will like the Intuos5 models even more.

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