Holiday 2012: Digital Piano Roundup

There’s nothing like the experience of playing a grand piano. Everything from the resistance of the keys to the scent of the soundboard is intoxicating. However, if you aren’t Ben Folds or Billy Joel, moving a grand piano from gig to gig presents quite a challenge.

Holiday 2012: Apple AirPlay for Wireless Tunes

When Apple decided to license its AirPlay technology to speaker and receiver manufacturers so their components could play audio wirelessly from iTunes on a Windows or Macintosh computer or from such iOS devices as an iPod touch, iPhone or iPad, few realized how many companies would bite.

New Yamaha PSR-S750 & PSR-S950 Digital Arranger Workstations

Yamaha has just announced two new Digital Arranger Workstations, the PSR-S750 and the PSR-S950. These feature-packed music creation machines can handle everything from writing and arranging to recording and performing.

New at Summer NAMM: The Yamaha P-105, an iPad-Friendly Digital Piano

It would be amazing to have a Yamaha CFIIIS Grand Piano in your home, but not everyone has the space to fit a massive instrument in their living room, nor the $100,000+ required to purchase one. 

Back-to-School Gear for Audio Students

You can learn a lot about audio by recording your own music (or a friend’s music), and by volunteering to assist a local sound engineer. However, attending a formal audio school can also really help you learn the nuts and bolts of sound.

Musical Instruments at B&H: Electronic Drums and Drum Machines

If you’re interested in electronic percussion, there are two basic categories to choose from: Electronic Drums and Drum Machines. Electronic drums are essentially electronic versions of acoustic drum sets, whereas drum machines are tabletop devices that enable you to perform and program beats.

A Cornucopia of Digital Pianos, Portable and Arranger Keyboards at B&H

A cornucopia is a symbol of abundance. With this in mind, it’s fitting to picture the B&H Pro Audio department as an abundant cornucopia, brimming with Digital Pianos, Arranger and Portable Keyboards. 

Synthesizers, Stage Pianos & Organs: Keyboards for Live Bands & Serious Music Makers

There are different kinds of cameras for different kinds of shooters (DSLRs for serious photographers, point-and-shoot cameras for snapshot takers, mirrorless camera systems for DSLR users on vacation, etc.), and similarly, there are many different kinds of musical keyboards, too.

Command Your Entertainment Gear with Free Mobile Apps

The “universal remote” takes on an entirely new meaning as Wi-Fi-enabled touch screen devices proliferate. Thanks to all the free apps, we may no longer need to regularly use the dedicated remotes that came with our TV, Blu-ray player, receiver, home theater system, media player or DVR.

AirPlay Isn’t Just for Apple TV Lovers Anymore

If you enjoy using an Apple TV media receiver to play music, photos and video wirelessly from the iTunes Library on your computer or an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, you'll be happy to know that Apple is licensing the technology to other consumer electronics manufacturers. 


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