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A New Brand at B&H: Introducing Manley Labs All-Tube Audio

An Overview of DPA Microphones: Among the Most Respected in the Industry


How to Improve Your Sound When Shooting Video with an iPad or iPhone

With the growing popularity of using iPads and iPhones to record video, more and more people are running into the same problem - how to get good sound. While the camera is great and the built-in mic is probably fine for phone calls and FaceTime, videographers demand more professional options. In this video, Rob from B&H takes us through some third-party audio solutions to consider, from entry-level consumer up to ENG-grade professional gear.


MOTU Announces Three New Thunderbolt-Equipped Interfaces: The 1248, 16A and 8M

MOTU (Mark of the Unicorn), the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based manufacturer of computer music hardware and software solutions recently revamped their line of audio interfaces to include Thunderbolt connectivity and AVB networking.

Summer NAMM 2014 News Roundup

The organization known as NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) hosts two yearly conventions where pro audio, consumer audio, and instrument manufacturers show off some of their wares and announce new products. While the Winter NAMM show gets most of the attention, many manufacturers still bring their A-Game to the summer show. Here’s a look at some of the newly announced gear that will be hitting shelves later this year.

PreSonus AudioBox Interfaces Get an iOS Refresh


Sennheiser Gear Up and Cash In


Tuning Your Guitar on the Edge, with the Korg Rimpitch

Announcing the Lightning Connector RØDE iXY


Dave Smith Instruments Introduces the Pro 2 Synthesizer


Get Started with PreSonus Studio One, iZotope RX 3 + Nectar 2



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