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First Look: Sound Devices Pix 270i

At NAB 2014, Sound Devices introduces its Pix 270i Video Audio Recorder that records ProRes or DNxHD video as well as 64 channels of audio, with MADI & Dante I/O for audio and 3G-SDI & HDMI I/O for video. There's also a hardware scaler and frame-rate converter to record video at a different rate from what the input camera might support. The PIX 270i can be grouped with other PIX 270i recorders, as well as PIX 260i recorders, and the linked devices can function as a single system.

First Look: juicedLink Little Darling Distributed Audio Recorder

Robert Rozak, of JuicedLink, introduces the company's new Little DARling DAR122, a tiny distributed audio recorder for filmmakers that eschews internal microphones for weight savings and features locking connectors and plug-in power for lav mics.

Hands-On Review: the Sound Devices 970 Audio Recorder

Jesse Parker, of Sound Devices, explains the 970 model audio recorder, a rack-mountable unit that records up to 64 channels of 96kHz, 24-bit audio and associated metadata, and features MADI and Dante I/O. The 970 offers a large LCD readout panel, eight line level analog inputs/outputs, a timecode master clock, simultaneous and sequential recording, file transfer over SMB ethernet, and file conversion between formats. PowerSafe circuitry protects your files.

First Look: Rycote Microphone Windshields at NAB 2014

At NAB 2014, Rycote introduced its new Super-Softie microphone windshield, with the new 3D Tex fabric. B&H interviews Rycote's Scott Boland about this non-furry material, which offers several advantages for wind attenuation over the traditional "dead-cat" style windscreens. Also, see the new Rycote Super-Shield, which will take the place of the S series.

Sennheiser and Countryman Microphone Kits Now at B&H Photo

B&H has scored an impressive exclusive—a bundle featuring a Countryman B3 Omnidirectional microphone, clips, windscreen, and a storage case. The standard-sensitivity lavalier mic capsule is moisture resistant, which makes placing it directly in hair or on bare skin easy, without the fear of distortion or “sweat-outs”—where moisture gets into the capsule and causes the mic to malfunction. They’re even color-matched to theater makeup shades and skin tones for better camouflaging during performances or interviews.

Wired for Sound: Making Connections


Four Essential Tips for Mixing with Headphones

32-bit Frankenstien: Bring Your 32-bit AU Plug-ins Back to Life in Logic X

When Logic Pro X was released in 2013, many users breathed a sigh of relief: the DAW was long overdue for a refresh, and some were beginning to worry Apple was going to abandon its flagship music-creation software. Logic X proved that worry wrong, and was released with a slew of new features, not least of which is its entirely 64-bit architecture. Even though the previous version of Logic could be run in 64-bit mode, it still supported 32-bit AU plug-ins through its infamous 32-bit bridge.

Unveiled: Camera-Mountable Dual VHF Wireless and Smartphone Lav from Azden

Azden, a name well established in the field of portable wireless microphone systems, has announced two new products aimed squarely at event videographers and ENG users whose audio requirements have outgrown the built-in microphones found on video cameras and smartphones.


Unveiled: Bose® SoundTrue® Headphones



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