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Just Announced: The Redesigned RØDE Blimp with Rycote Shockmount

First Look: Zoom H5 Recorder

Zoom sent shock waves through the pro audio world last year with the introduction of its flagship H6 recorder and its breakthrough modular microphone system. Although still very young, the H6 has already become an industry standard and a go-to piece for professional and enthusiast videographers, journalists, engineers, and musicians alike.


Bitwig Studio versus Ableton Live 9

Moog Music Recreates a 1970s Synthesis Colossus

Keith Emerson (right) looks on as Moog veteran Herb Deutsch (left) and the lead engineer unveil the new Emerson Moog Modular System.


Price Reduction: Zoom Portable Digital Recorders

Save Your Music: The Basics of Hard Drives for Audio

Sony PCM-D100 High Resolution Portable Stereo Recorder

In the following video, Rob Rives gets his hands on the Sony PCM-D100 High Resolution Audio Portable Recorder and demonstrates the sound quality it is capable of capturing with its built-in stereo microphones. Rives explores the functions and features of the PCM-D100, including its multiple digital audio format recording capability, and 24-bit/192kHz PCM and 2.8MHz DSD. The video showcases the way the recorder sounds when capturing acoustic guitar, as well as an outdoor scene.

The Sennheiser MKH-416: From Brand Name to Industry Standard

The Latest Microphones from DPA: NAB 2014

DPA Microphones introduces an omni-pattern Necklace Microphone at NAB 2014 - no need for awkwardly clipping a lav onto clothing. Another new omni-pattern DPA mic is the Heavy Duty, for applications that need a more durable lavalier mic. We hope you enjoy the video, and invite you to view the wide selection of other instructional and informative videos at B&

Please check back for pricing and availability

The New RME Fireface 802: NAB 2014

At NAB 2014, RME debuts the Fireface 802 audio interface, the successor the the popular Fireface 800. The 802 model includes both FireWire connectivity as well as USB 2.0. The 802 takes some of the functions of the Fireface UCX & UFX and puts them in a ruggedized chassis.


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